Thursday, August 22, 2013

Favorite Things

I thought I would share some of my favorite products with you. I wish this was like Oprah where I could give everyone one of everything, but sadly I am not nearly as cool as the big O. I love it when bloggers share their favorites because without fail I always find something I am dying to try. Here's my top 5. 1. My Clairisonic
This bad boy will change your life! I only wished they were around when I had acne all the time in my teen years! In the last few years I have only been getting occasional breakouts (usually around my chin and jaw line) and this cut those breakouts in half at least. It was worth every penny of the $120 I spent and I reccomend it to EVERYONE. 2. My Keruig
I never thought I would spend so much money on a machine that makes a tiny cup of coffee but this baby is one of the best inventions ever. Nothing like enjoying a cup of starbucks coffee without having to leave the comfort of your house & pjs. 3. Speaking of Starbucks - I love coffee chains. Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Panera..... I love love love'em. I just love sitting in a coffee shop reading a book and people watching. The aroma from the coffee is just down right intoxicating.
4. Lazy clothes We all know how fabulous yoga pants are but did you know that yoga shirts are equally comfy? I always make sure to buy a size up so its not tight and the fabric keeps me cool in the summer. I love these from Target and the colors are adorable.
5. Venus Embrace Razor. I have tried EVERY razor under the sun and nothing compares to the five blades on this bad boy. They aren't cheap but I can usually find a coupon and I definitely think they last longer than the cheap razors. There is nothing like having freshly shaved smooth legs.

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  1. Love you and your post:) Keep up the good work! Let's do a coffee shop day where we read and people watch - OK I might do homework, but still.:)