Monday, August 25, 2014

Do you suck at blogging?

I love lifestyle, style, DIY, travel and even some mommy blogs. Basically - A few years ago I stumbled on one while browsing pinterest and I have been HOOKED ever since. I'd say it's right up there with my magazine addiction which currently has me at least 15 subscriptions per month.

Why is it when we love something we think maybe we can do it?

Example - Dancing.

Watching step up made me want to dance my ass off.

Only problem? I can't find the beat to save my life!

Maybe it's the same thing with blogging? Just wanting to doesn't make you good at it.

Here are the reasons I'm pretty sure I suck at blogging.

1. No set schedule for posts. The vets in this "business" are pretty hard core. 5 days of week of kick ass posts. Even when there posts are about nothing... somehow they resonate with me. But 20 hours a week spent blogging? No thank you. I'll be over here snuggling with the pup, hanging with my man or sleeping.

2. NOOOOOooooooo selfies. I loathe having my photo taken. It's just not my style #sorrynotsorry
Pictures are an improtant part of a blog. They give your blog some asthetic pleasure and they keep your readers engaged in your story.... Don't mind me I'm just over here on PicMonkey trying to make a graphic that will catch your attention and doesn't include my face.

3. My life just isn't all that exciting. I do cool stuff from time to time. Vaca to Italy last year, been a couple of cruises, hoping to drag the boy to Mexico for a week next year but the pros are doing cool stuff every other week. Props to them (can I jump in your suitcase?) but my bank account is more like... girl get your ass to work!

4.  I'm not in love with social media. Don't get me wrong, I get my facebook and instagram stalking on but I don't post a ton of my own stuff.  I'm not that into twitter or foursquare or whatever else the kids are into these days (channeling my grandma on that one).

5. The thought of hosting a giveaway or link up makes me want to vom. I mean I'm totally down with participating in these and I think they are great ways for bloggers to connect and gain new followers. But it has to be a lot of work to put all that together and frankly #idontwanna. It's like a party. Your ass definitely ain't coming to my house but if you want to host I'm happy to bring some chips and salsa.