Saturday, March 15, 2014

So bad it's good

Reality TV gets a bad rap. These girls are entrepreneurs and every one in a while you catch them being hilarious without meaning to.

Look at her reaching out to the less fortunate

Another Kim who shares my philosophy on life

Don't crash my party and then ruin my cake

Because seriously.... is there anything this girl won't say?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday

Dear Kate, thank you for making large chests and hips cool again. It wasn't easy to find a picture of you mostly clothed but hey... if you got it flaunt it! Can you teach me to do the Cat Daddy? Mine won't be in a bikini but at least I'll have good form. #gorgeous #babyblues

Oh hey LC! I can call you that right? I mean we do go back to the sandbox --- the sandbox of Laguna that is. You had my heart since we were both 17. From Stephen to Jason to Brody I was with you from the very beginning. You are a crazy smart entreprenuer who literally defines multitasking. I'm basically obsessed. #greekgoddess #canyoustylemywholelife 

Oh Jessica. When you and Nick split my faith in marriage pretty much died but then ten years later you finally got your shit together with this Eric kid and I have to say - I'm a fan. You are a kick ass entrepreneur with with a quirky personality and a mom of two of the cutest kiddos in Hollywood! #gorgeous #superblonde #canwebebesties

Apparently I'm obsessed with blondes.... who knew? 

Who is your woman crush?