Monday, February 17, 2014

Will You Be My Valentine?????

This post is fashionably late…… not to worry. Good thing love is all day erryday kind of emotion

Dear green mirrored ray ban sunglasses..... will you be mine?

I fell head over heels for you the first time I saw you. You're beautiful and unique and I want you to be an extention of me. I keep telling myself lies to keep myself from ordering you.

It's winter outside ---- True, but all this white snow is totally blinding me.

I'll break them ---- Not if I buy a hard case for you and put you directly in the case as soon as you smoothly slide off my face.

It's too much money ---- Yes and no. Yes, $160 is about 16x more than I have ever paid for sunglasses in my life. Then again, I have never seen a pair of sunglasses that I loved so dearly. So, if I wear you everyday and looking amazingly hot in you then its really not that much to spend.

Dear hot yoga.... can tomorrow be the beginning of a long term love affair?

I am no athlete. I am not flexible and I have no idea how to center my mind. If there is one thing I want when I workout it is to sweat my ass off. I want to walk out looking like I just gave 1000%. I am not a "natural sweater" so these feat does not come easy. I have been to one hot yoga class before and I nearly died. I spent the majority of the class on the floor in childs pose enjoying the 10 degree difference in temperature. When I walked out of that class --- I felt like I survived. And I was soaked in sweat. I felt like a million bucks.

About a week ago I signed up for a ridiculously expensive gym membership because they have hot yoga. And kettleball classes. and a pool. But mostly its the hot yoga. So I want to see you 3x a week, get hot and sweaty for an hour and a half, increase my flexibility and decrease my waistline. Is that so much to ask?

Dear Lucky Boots....... I can't be your side chick

***Short programming note - Have you ever seen Couples Therapy on VH1? Well, its my guiltiest guilty pleasure. That's where I learned the term "side chick". It's a hot mess of crazy and I love it.

Anyway.... back to these gorgeous specimens... I need all their attention all the time.

You are so super gorgeous. I can't wait to slide you on my leg. I can already hear the compliments on your amazing physique.

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