Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Favorite Blogs... Ready... Set....

This girl spent $30 and several hours just to make Yum Yum sauce. I couldn't like her more if I tried. If you don't know what yum yum sauce is. I can't help you. Google it. Then get to your local hibatchi steakhouse and enjoy the deliciousness.
Venus Trapped in Mars
I die for this girl's hair, clothes, and personality. AND - she hosts one of the best linkups in town.
Sami's Shenanigans
She is the sweetest sarcastic mama you will ever meet. Besides changing her hair color and length on the daily. She also likes to rub her awesome kids and vacations in your face. #imjustjealous
Don't Quote the Raven
She loves yoga pants, tattoos and boxed wine. She gives some pretty awesome beauty tips and she's not stingy with the sarcasm.
You have a kick ass blog and you bake? Can we be best friends and get married or just the best friends part. As soon as my wallet and waste line can afford it - I am signing up for this cookie of the month club business. They look amazeballs.
Bold Butter Baby
This girl dances her face off. And sometimes she uses her mad blogger skills to get tickets to the craziest sold out techno music festival of all time - Tommorrowland anyone?
Helene in Between
She's got a talent for interior decorating, amazing clothes, cool DIY projects, and her dad writes the BEST guestposts EVER.
How could I forget my favorite dog lover from Chicago?
The Daily Tay


  1. Thanks for the love, girlfriend! Ready to get this blog lookin snazzy and fabulous!! :)

  2. Thank you so much!!! I am honored to be around with these other fab ladies as well!!

  3. Ah thanks for the shout out, very cool!