Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I hate it when....

My work computer won't let me get on certain blogs..... damn you categorization unknown error

When others aren't genuinely happy for your accomplishments
People discuss politics..... please dear God just stop. Now obviously tragedies should not be ignored but when you just want to bitch for the sake of bitching I want to high five you in the face with a chair.
Try to tell me "those crazy wrap things" did this...
I'm not saying that they may not help you lose inches temporarily. I am saying that even 3 months of those wraps are not going to make you lost 15lbs (my estimate from this picture). Maybe if you eat well and exercise you could get results like that but I call total bullshit on this entire marketing strategy. It's shady.
This is not in response to Raven's posts where she clearly says she is eating and exercising correctly. I have a facebook friend who posts this crap six times a day implying that they are miracle workers when they so very clearly ARE NOT.
Finish this sentence.... I hate it when.... 

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  1. so agree with all of these things. and i'm also sure those wraps might help a little but no way are the results that big without any other work.